Fake Movie Meme: Hunted

natalie dormer & dane dehaan as twin vampires
sebastian stan & tatiana maslany as twin werewolves
lupita nyong’o & anthony mackie as twin hunters

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The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

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Will you follow me one last time? 

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This is the last time we’ll all be united as Tolkien fans for the sake of one trailer. Just know that I love you all and I would gladly sail to the Grey Havens with you at the end of this adventure.


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A lot of people are asking what exactly Jared and Aisha said and I am literally too angry to want to retype it all but I just tweeted about it, so here:











And that’s basically the summary of it, there was more but I was a bit distracted by rage to catch all of what was said.

I am just so angry because it shows just such disrespect and misogyny and I can’t even describe how hurtful their comments were, as a female fan, as a woman and a person who values the stories and lives of women, to see such blatant disregard and scorn for the idea of female characters, especially after Jeremy Carver’s condescending remarks earlier, and I just…

I don’t like hating people. I really don’t.

But I really hate Jared Padalecki and Aisha Tyler right now.

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sos i started rewatching the following season one on netflix

i am not okay

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“Peace begins with a smile.”

― Mother Teresa

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Q: Do you help the boners? Or do you—?
A: Full service. 

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